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6407.Silver Five-Piece Tea And Coffee Set Service c.1840

Price: 12,800.00 EUR
Silver five-piece tea and coffee set service, c.1840 France.

6408.Silver Coffee And Tea Set Service c.1940

Price: 4,095.00 EUR
Size: H: 20 cm * D: 14 cm
Silver Coffee And Tea Set Service,by Reis Joal Meiros,c.1940 Porto.

5841.Silver Tray Austro-Hungarian Monarchy c.1900

Price: 6,350.00 EUR
Size: L: 46 cm * W: 72 cm
Silver Tray,c.1900 Austro - Hungarian Monarchy.

6391.Silver Plate c.1740

Price: 800.00 EUR
Size: L: 40 cm * W: 30 cm
Silver plate, c.1740 France.

6398.Silver Bowl c.1900

Price: 2,890.00 EUR
Silver bowl,c.1900 Wien.

6393.Silver Spice Holder 1834

Price: 4,290.00 EUR
Size: L: 10 cm * W: 17 cm * H: 19 cm
Silver spice holder,1834 Wien.

6382.Silver Coffee Set c.1900

Price: 4,180.00 EUR
Silver coffee set, c.1900 Wien

6397.Silver Box c.1900

Price: 2,320.00 EUR
Silver box,c.1900 Münich,Germany.

787.Biedermeier Silver Spice Racks

Price: 459.00 EUR
Size: height 5 cm , lenght 9 cm
Biedermeier Viennese Silver Spice Rack Pair,1849,height 5 cm , lenght 9 cm

3957.Alt-Wien Silver - Glass Bieder

Price: 489.00 EUR
Size: height 17 cm
Alt- Wien Silver and Glass Bieder , c. 1867 ,

5503. Ostrich egg on silver support

Price: 4,450.00 EUR
Size: Height: 37cm
Ostrich egg on silver support from the begginig of the 18th century.

5091. French Silver box

Price: 1,350.00 EUR
Size: 20.5x15.9 cm
French silver(1400g) box c.1870.
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