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6389. Silver saltcellar 1843 Moscow,Russia

Price: 485,000.00 EUR
Size: M: 5.5 cm
Silver saltcellar made in Moscow, Russia in 1843

7079.Silver Coffee Pot, Russia c.1800

Price: 2,715.00 EUR
Size: H: 17 cm
Silver coffee pot, Alexandr Ilych Jashinkov, Russia, St. Petersburg c.1800

3396.Russian Silver Belt

Price: 769.00 EUR
Russian Silver Belt , c. 1910 ,

6497. Silver cup with niello Russia

Price: 110.00 EUR
Size: H: 9 cm
Silver cup with niello from Russia. c.1900

7091. Silver empire spice rack 1880. Russia

Price: 845.00 EUR
Size: H: 7 cm, W: 10.5 cm
Silver empire spice rack, made in Sankt Petersburg, Russia in 1880.

8150. Silver spice rack 1915. Russia

Price: 769.00 EUR
Size: H: 10 cm
Silver spice rack 1915. Russia

Silver milk jug 1839. Russia

Price: 630.00 EUR
Size: H: 10.5 cm
Silver milk jug from Sankt Petersburg, Russia 1839.

Silver teacup c.1900 Russia

Price: 333.00 EUR
Size: M: 11.5 cm
Silver teacup from Moscow, Russia c.1900

7082.Handcarved silver tray 1880 Moscow

Price: 769.00 EUR
Size: H: 20 cm, W: 30 cm
Handcarved silver tray from Moscow, Russia, 1882.

Woodbox with silverfrog c.1900 Russia

Price: 450.00 EUR
Size: H: 3.5 cm D: 7 cm
Woodbox with gilt silverfrog from Russia, c.1900

Silver saltcellar 1910 Russia

Price: 249.00 EUR
Size: H: 5.5 cm W: 6.5 cm
Silver saltcellar from Russia 1910.

5010. Silver theaterbag with gold applicates

Price: 875.00 EUR
5010. Silver theaterbag
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