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6790.Gold Earrings With Brilliants And Ruby c.1940

Price: 1,170.00 EUR
14 karat gold earrings, diamond, ruby, c.1940

4694.Rock-Crystal Brooch With Sapphires c.1900

Price: 1,429.00 EUR
Rock-Crystal Brooch, Gold, Sapphire, c.1900 Vienna

6487.Gold Cameo Brooch-Pendant With Pearls c.1900

Price: 710.00 EUR
18 karat gold cameo brooch-pendant, shell cameo, pearl, c.1900

5743. Ring with coral and diamods

Price: 1,380.00 EUR
Size: ring size 59
18K gold ring with coral and diamond.

6932.Gold Ring With Coral c.1930

Price: 420.00 EUR
Size: ring size 59
14 karat gold ring, coral, c.1930

6713.Art Deco Gold Ring With Brilliants And Emeralds c.1940

Price: 590.00 EUR
Size: ring size 48
Art Deco 18 karat gold ring, diamond, emerald, c.1940

6990.Gold Pendant With Pearls And Turqoise c.1900

Price: 340.00 EUR
14 karat gold pendant, baroque pearl, silver, turqoise, c.1900

7008.Art Deco Gold Earrings With Brilliants c.1940

Price: 1,060.00 EUR
18 karat gold earrings, diamond, Art Deco, c.1940

6426.Gold Cufflinks With Diamonds And Mother Of Pearls c.1900

Price: 1,310.00 EUR
Cufflings, 18 K gold, diamond, mother of pearl, c.1900

2571.Modern White Gold Pendant with Diamonds

Price: 689.00 EUR
18 k White Gold, 0.60 carat Diamonds

5705.Art Nouveau Gold Brooch With Diamonds c.1900

Price: 660.00 EUR
Art Nouveau brooch, 22 K gold, diamond, c.1900

4764. Enamel St. George Pendant

Price: 549.00 EUR
Antique Pendant decorated Enamel and Turquoise