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6818.Japanese Ivory Netsuke

Price: 590.00 EUR
Size: H: 3 cm
Netsuke, ivory , Japan XIXth century

5171.Netsuke Ivory Figure, Japan

Price: 310.00 EUR
Size: L: 6.50 cm
Netsuke, ivory figure, Japan XIXth century

6813.Buddha Ivory Figure With Wooden Pedestal, China c.1900

Price: 520.00 EUR
Size: H: 7.50 cm
Buddha figure, ivory,wooden pedestal, China c.1900

4074.Chinese Ivory Figure

Price: 845.00 EUR
Size: 18,5 cm
Japan figure,Ivory, 19th century,

4478.China, vase

Price: 1,300.00 EUR
Size: height 30 cm
China vase, Bronz,, enamelled, ,18th / 19th Century, weight 30 cm

4610.Cloisonné Cup, China c.1890

Price: 95.00 EUR
Size: H: 5 cm
Cloisonné cup, China c.1890

4523.Chinese Tin Tea caddy

Price: 429.00 EUR
Size: 10 cm
Chinese Tin Tea Caddy

4357.Japanese Box

Price: 219.00 EUR
Size: lenght 12,5 cm , weight 8 cm
Japan, Bronze, Silver plated . Meiji period


Price: 300.00 EUR
Size: height 37 cm , width 21 cm
China, Wood ,17th / 18 th Century ,

5141.Lacquer Wood Statue, China c.1890

Price: 135.00 EUR
Size: H: 18 cm
Lacquer wood statue, China c.1890

6525.Carved Wood Figure, China c.1890

Price: 275.00 EUR
Size: H: 15 cm
Carved figure, wood, China c.1890

4410.China Wood

Price: 280.00 EUR
Size: height 14 cm , lenght 16 cm
China, Wood, c. 1900
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